Average Salary & Pay Of China Foreign Expat Executives, Teachers And Employees – 2014

Well the news is a mixed bag if you are a foreigner working in China.  If you are a teacher you are not likely to be happy to know that you are the lowest paid expat in the country, because of two reasons; First, there are roughly 40,000 of you and requirements for employment are not very high – so hundreds more are inbound every day.  Second, there are over 3,000 agents, mostly unregistered and unlicensed to do business in China, who take an average of a 30% haircut on your wages.  Average annual salaries for China’s foreign teachers in 2014 is approximately $22,000 before taxes.  If you are an American the news is doubly bad as you are required to pay taxes in both China and America. So come pay day,  you will be lucky to walk home with $500 in your pocket at the end of the month – just barely enough to eat and pay your rent.  The below chart for teachers indicates that China may not belong on your top ten list after all.

If you are an executive however the news can be very good – IF you can speak a little Chinese.  If you are a recent university grad with an advanced degree, you can earn up to $150,000 usd per year after you can speak Chinese. Before you tongue can work that magic your average starting salary is roughly $40,000.  What a difference an extra language can make!  The below chart is self-explanatory and fairly accurate.

If you are neither and executive nor a teacher and are looking for an entry level management position then China is the place to be right now.  The China Ministry of labor has projected a need for over 300,000 new foreign managers over the next 18 months to keep pace with China’s 7.5 annual growth.  CCC works with 139 university career counselors to place new graduates with over 300 international companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shen Zhen, and Hong Kong since 2010.  2013 was a record year with over 750 successful placements. While other recruiters charge  fees average 27% of their client’s salary package CCC has remained at 10% since we established operations four years ago. We prefer to be paid with referrals!

For a free computerized placement match, send your most current resume to intake@ChinaCareerCenter.org and our 12 point matching system will tell you what is available in China right now in 18 career fields and send you a free employment forecast from Mercer the world’s largest HR consultant in Asia. But be advised that competition in China has become intense over the last 18 months as China is now the world’s hottest job market and creates 30% of all new jobs in the world!  For general background information, you may want to google “China Back Door Jobs” to get a handle on the current hiring trend.


The China Career Center team places an average of 62 positions every month.


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